Sunday, April 5, 2009

Looks For Less!

Hey There Yall. We havent posted in awhile, and i was just messin around stardoll and decided to get outfits for cheaper. Its not hard. And if you dont care about brand names, you could save a ton of money on your outfits.

Contemporary Chic:
Belted Girly Tee-6sd
Extra Long Modern Blazer-11
Ribbon Necklace-5
Frilly Layered Skirt-11
Classic Scrunch Leggings-5
Strappy Platforms-6
Total: 44 Stardollars
Audrey Top-4
Waist Belt-3
Frida Kahlo Necklace-4
Boyfriend Jacket-5
Stretch Jeans-5
Black Jean Skirt-5
Tango Dance Shoes-3
Total: 29 Stardollars

Difference: 15 stardollars! With that you can buy a piece of DKNY, or any other expensive piece of clothing! Crazy huh?

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