Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wow. This Makes me MAD!

Wow. Stardoll has yet to show us how stupid, and unrealistic their system is. Covergirl, is like the equivalent of Miss World for a day. So when in the world did Miss World turn into an ugly little slutty girl, who has nothing to her name. Sure, maybe shes nice, maybe she polite, but this is just getting riduculous. Im going to post every crappy covergirl from here on out, and trust me, there will be alot.

Well, this is Cucciolotta_Ale. Today's crappy Covergirl. 256 starpoints, less than four months on stardoll, and not overly pretty. This isn't what i think of when i think of cover girl. A covergirl is someone that the newbies can look up to and use as a role model. A girl with style, creativity, and a suite that shows her hard work and dedication to stardoll. Oh, and get this:

Nuff Said. One Effin room, and a slutty dressed doll. Gag me. Oh, and if this is offensive to anyone, sorry, but its just my opinion.


  1. Dude i agree the covergirls suck now its like horrible. They arent even pretty i wonder if they randomly pick them ahaa

  2. from fashion95
    I toatally agree

    Pick someone with talent, personality , style who is dedicated and spends time on stardoll

    Some-one like you hannah
    Who the hell pics these people anyway?
    grr :L lol

  3. These are the people who make themselves thousands upon thousands of alternative accounts and log on them every so often and vote for themselves.

  4. omg, this is like the funniest post i have ever read. Keep it up!