Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Bomb!!

SNTM!!! Yes it is Stardolls Next Top Model. Many people have participated in many of these modeling competitions. If you haven't already you must check out the club SNTM.XX!!! This clubs owner is the lovely Blair.

Blair's club was inspired by the sceneries that she saw when she was on stardoll. Also when searching around she found some Top Model clubs that were in her opinion just not good at all. A club she thought would be better if it was fun, challenging and would inspire people and then came the birth of her club.

Blair's club has a couple of goals. She wants to discover talent, make talent and inspire people. As you can tell in her previous club the top three contestants were bluegreen86, undamyumbrellla, and iamyourfat, all three of which were winners of Star Awards! See the club really does help people become known to stardoll.

Her clubs lovely judges consist of:

Blair. I absolutely love fashion and is my aspiring career. I was in Mel's Models, bluegreen86's club, and came in second place. I now am a judge in MNTM. I've never been "superstar" but I'm still FIERCE with a capital f.

Bluegreen86 was the winner of my previous clubs and is one of my best friends on stardoll.

Undamyumbrellla was runner up of my previous club.

Siamesecatlover was winner of Cycle 1 of SNTM.

Of course with everything wonderful there has to be complications. Blair says the most callenging thing about her club is "When contestants don't put in any effort...really. Sometimes they don't even do the challenges. It makes me sad because so many girls on stardoll would love to have that opportunity yet they are throwing it away. I even had to cancel a cycle once because many contestants just didn't care. Overall though, I love running SNTM...there is so much talent that is discovered through my competition and I love it!"

Blair is incredible and never seems to have anything bad to say. Overall her club is amazing and I have been lucky enough to take part in her current cycle of SNTM and if I am lucky enough I will be able to see the talent through the club bloom.

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