Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oscars- Not the hotdogs

So we decided to try out something new. In our club we asked girls to dressup as if they were going to the oscars and we would talk about each of there outfits.
Hannahs outlook on the outfits were more the positives while mine were more
constructive critisim. Overall the girls were great!!!

Lets start out though with Hannah and My outfits. (Due to Hannahs great style I asked her to make me an outfit.)

Hannah said this about the outfits: For my outfit (the left one) I decided to layer. I love the black dress, because of the nice neckline and the drapery. I put the antonio marras dress underneath because I thought since the dress was dark it could use a lighter one underneath of it. I chose the DKNY Runway bag because it is very classy and nice. The shoes bring out the lighter colors of the dress and make the overall outfit very fancy and edgy!

I picked Alyssas outfit because she is an exotic girl. The maxi dress is beautiful
especially with her hair. I chose the striped obi sash because I thought that it
contrasted the dress very very well, and it made the outfit pop! The orange clutch makes it very classy and nice! The outfit in whole makes it look as if she is strutting down a red carpet!

H: I love the approach veri took on this. I adore the DKNY skirt underneath the
vivienne tam. Sure its not as formal as i would have liked, but it is very femine,
classy, and sophisticated. I would have picked more elegant shoes though.
A: I love how simple but elegant this outfit is. The jewelry and headpiece greatly
add to the outfit but only having one color throws the outfit off a little.
H: I love the attempt! Lets start with the good. I adore the dress, the pearls, and the fur collar. The wings are iffy for me. I wouldnt have choose them. Although I love how she tied them in with the pink shoes to match. The gloves make it classy and very 1950's.
A: This outfit in my opinion is great. The wings kind of throw me off because of the fact that the outfit is for the Oscars but the black dress with contrasting jewelry looks great. The cut off gloves also go great with the shorter dress

H: Gosh! You gotta love this girl! I love how she chose the Vivienne Tam, and nothing else. The dress is beautiful and makes a bold statement by itself. I love the pinkish clutch that compliments the gold. Those to colors together are some of my faves! And the shoes! They make the outfit edgy, and daring! What tops it off for me is the earrings, and i can actually feel the confidence coming off of this girl!
A: I adore this outfit. The dress looks great and the shoes match perfectly. The only thing that is something I would change would be the clutch because it doesnt match the color scheme that the rest of the doll fits.

H :I would have to say that she kinda missed the point of the challenge. The dress doesnt scream oscars, but it is a tad bit formal. The leggings are what made it not formal anymore. The shoes are gorgeous, and the BAG! Its amazing! I would have appreciated more glamour or BANG!
A: This outfit for me was okay. I like the overall look but there just seems to not be much flair and sparkle. What I do love though is the color scheme. Red and black are great colors together.

H: Here is definetly one of my favorite girls of the whole challenge. Dirk! Girl I love you! I would have never thought to put the amazing, and Oh-so elegant Faith Hill dress with gangsta chains. But when you did it the chains look sophisticated and fashion forward which I loved! The hair was gorg, and I love the touch of fresh flowers! Way to go girl!
A: Wow! Now this is what I am talking about. This outfit just seems to stand out and I totally love this dress. The jewelry adds to the outfit and the hair piece ties in nicely too.

H: Okay. Well the dress is wayyy to short for me, but the silky look to it makes it formal, just not the type of formal we were looking for. The shoes are kinda blah... but the bag is that spark of glam that it needed! The Bag was the best part. I would have worn another dress underneath the shorter one. The earrings are a little big for me, and they kinda clash with the hair. But they are blingin, and for me they make the outfit!
A: This outfit for me seems off. There was an attempt at a very sophisticated outfit but the dress is kinda short. The rest of the outfit is great! Maybe adding a longer dress would make this outfit better and a pair of pink heels would have been nice too

H: Lovee This! Its gorgeous. I love how she gave the edgy side to the black dress with the red belt. It pops with the contrasting colors, and i adore it! I would have picked red, or black shoes, but the ones she picked work! The puffy skirt is so hot, and very fancy!
A: Loved the addition to make a dress look. The shoes didnt really work for me because of the colors and maybe something red would have looked better. I like the red lipstick and black bow to kinda balance the outfit. Overall this outfit was unique and worked for me.

H: I would have liked to see more accesories with this dress. Maybe a pearl necklace. I loved the shoes. I also would have liked to see a jackey maybe.I adore the headband and the bangles! They are very stylin and glam! You go Gabby!
A:Black was the only color in this outfit which was kinda dissapionting but I still love the outfit. The necklace seems a little fake for the rest of the outfit but I loved the simple dress and nice accessories.

H: ELLIE! YOU ARE DA BOMB! My favorite! I love the sexiness of the slit up to your thigh! Its soo hot! The black cluth compliments the sexy peep toe shoes... And that ever so hot DKNY scarf! I love how the scarf ties the whole outfit together!And the Hair! Soo edgy and hot! You are my favorite. You define perfection. Way to go!
A: Amazing!!! This was overall my favorite outfit. The dress is stunning! The scarf goes great with the clutch and shoes to tie up the piece. The outfit just seems to flow and the hair adds even more.

H: Im going to have to say good try, but you look to much like a stripper for me. Sorry to be so honest. You stepped out on a limb, which i liked, but the whole outfit is not mystyle. I love the shoes, but the coat threw the whole outfit off. It does not say elegant anywhere, and trust me... i searched.
A: I am sorry but this outfit didnt work out for me at all! It was a great attempt but the open belly with the big coat just threw off the piece. The shoes are great but the pants are not exactly the right pants to wear them with. The hair seems a bit to big and you cannot see much of your medoll.


  1. hey guys!
    great work!
    thanks for featuring me!
    yehh i agree different shoes would have worked!
    great blog, keep it going

    xoxo - Ciara

  2. I love the whole idea of an Oscar post and all the outfits had their own unique touch, which I loved!

    All of them were beautiful but my favourite had to be .e.l.l.i.e. The hair went perfectly with the outfit. The heidi clum dress and accesories went perfectly. Good job and great post (:

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet words!! Great job! :P