Monday, March 2, 2009

What's It Called Again?

I am sure everyone has heard of MelsModels. If not you have been totally missing

MelsModel is just like an ANTM but in a stardoll version. When the cycle starts girls are chosen and there are weekly challenges, eliminations, and contestants are models through sceneries which they must create themselves. The goal of the club is to find Melanie's Next Top Model. Mel says "Melanie's Next Top Model is someone who has the personality, looks, skills, and drive to be a model and one who is better then the rest and clearly stands out!" The club is also a platform for the girls who are not currently superstar so that they may be noticed and get the attention they deserve.
Inspiration comes in many different ways. Mels inspiration for her club was from when she met Undamyumbrellla, one of her first friends on stardoll. She had been show the club SNTM.comp which was created by Itgonnarain. Both the girls auditioned for the first cycle and Mel went on to win with Undamyumbrellla coming as runner up. Mel said "It was so much fun! All the positivity, creativity, innovation, and fun I witnessed and was apart of is really what motivated me to make my club! "

Of course in the club there are judges and a little bit about them as written by Bluegreen86 and shown on the presentation in the club:

Bluegreen86 (Mel/headjudge)- I have won two modeling competitions, and
came in second in another. I started out as a non-superstar and won SNTM.comp.
I then went on to win a famous modeling competition ANTM cycle 15. I then went on to place as the runner-up of the All-Star ANTM cycle 21! I know what it is like to be in a modeling competition, and what it takes to be a true top model. I also have won the January 2009 star award for best female medoll, and best advisor twice in Paulina's club so I am an all around rolemodel!
Gyrgyr- Respected designer and stylist here on stardoll. She has impeccable taste and is a trendsetter with the way she creates her outfits and designs her own.

Siamesecatlover- Up-and-coming model on stardoll. I have worked with her
previous to this competition in another modeling competition SNTM.XX, where she went on to win the title.

Undamyumbrellla- supermodel of stardoll, has been featured in many famous
magazines such as teenstyle, Done!, and Eternity.

CaMiLaAa88- Winner of Cycle 1 of MNTM

Itgonnarain- Runner up in Cycle 1 of MNTM

Throughout it all I personally decided to check out the club and it lived up to the expectations that I had heard from friends. The club is very supportive and has
some very creative people participating in the competition. The club is very clean and is great for people show off there creativity and dedicaition. You can bet I will be trying out for the next wonderful cycle of Melanie's Next Top Model!!!

So don't forget to join and see what the club is all


  1. Omg I absolutely love it!! thank you so much for featuring me this is so nice and amazing :D

  2. I love the club (Mel's absolutely FABULOUS, and very creative), but one thing bothers me. I believe that she'd have an even larger impact on Stardoll if she didn't really "brag" about winning all of these competitions and such, and just be herself, Mel. :]
    -Kate Antoinette.