Saturday, February 28, 2009


If you havent seen the new ELLE yet.... you have no life. Seriously. In my opinion it is absolutly fabulous. The oversized pieces and the ruffles give a girl a fancy flouncy look. In my opinion it screams spring, and it does its job. And if you havent seen it... here it is!

Lovely... huh? I have to say. I personnally love the turquoise outfit and everypair of shoes. I think elle looks soo street chic and natural. Not huge ball gowns and chiffon. I really really like it. The only let down is the always. Its way overpriced, as is everything else on stardoll. As always we are getting ripped off. But oh-well. I splurged.

Lets see what others felt!

Mel Looks fabulous in a mix of new and old Elle.

She says:
"I like the new Elle collection because of all the versatile coats and vests!! I absolutely love the oversized aspect when it comes to jackets and blazers, but I have to say my favorite item is the scrunched leather jacket. A close second would have to be the other blazers and I also like the belted white tee. "

Mel owns the fabulous club MelsModels and is always in style. She is wearing: Punk Tights, Elle Layered Floral Necklace, Elle Emerald Platforms, and Elle Silk Ribbon Trim Tunic.


Dirk Looks Fab in New Elle!
She says:
" I think the new Elle collection is a alright...but an overall disappointment. The gold dress, jackets and necklace are fabulous fashion do's, but the jewel toned pieces are pretty boring and slightly cheap looking! I am still waiting for the day a 100 percent awesome collection of clothes comes out at the starplaza! Also, the clothes are overpriced, just like the Philosophy collection (which in my view began the trend of overpriced clothes here at stardoll) and the sporty new DKNY! "

Dirk has one of the most unique looks and style on stardoll, and she is very kind! She is wearing: Elle Contrast Heel Boots, Elle Satin Multi Ruffle Party Dress, and Modern Moto Jacket.

Bailey is Rockin' the sparkly star look!

She Says:
"My favorite items would have to be the; Belted girly tee, Deep blue carry all, Satin multi ruffle dress, and the Modern moto jacket."

Bailey is the fabulous owner of SD.Prefects on stardoll and the amazing blog, . Bailey is wearing: Aggyness Hat, Elle Modern Blazer, Elle Belted Girly Tee, Elle Hot Pink Sequin Tee, Pantyhose with Glitter, and Elizabeth and Hot Pink Platforms.

Maria Looks like a classy lady in her New Elle!

She says:
"The new Elle Collection is here and i must say i am very pleased with it. It is definately better than the old one and it looks really nice. It has some really nice pieces and i should absolutely say that i love the jackets. From the long black one to the short one. They look amazing :)
However, they are also some clothes which i didn't like that much but looking at the whole collection now i should give it a 8 out of 10."

Maria is one of the most fashionable ladies on stardoll. She has a fabulous blog,, and she is owner of 3 wonderful clubs! She is wearing Elle Extra Long Modern Blazer, Elle Logo Tee Dress, Voile Pantyhose, and Elle Strappy Platforms.